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Project Nile is a Mumbai-based consulting service and media house that strives to create a space for researchers, writers, creators, policymakers, and activists. With our multi-stakeholder approach, we aim to promote diverse creative expression and independent thinking. We publish creative, critical, and analytical works on a range of subjects that encourage progressive thoughts and bridge the academic gap between theory and practice. 

As a community, we aim to build an open forum conducive to diverse progressive opinions, thoughts, and discussions.

We are an independent body that aims to create a space for visionaries, reformers, and storytellers. Project Nile is a diverse platform that works towards generating, curating, and promoting knowledge, in a way that helps people celebrate their differences. In doing so, we hope to break down the barriers created by caste, class, religion, race, and language.

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Project Nile aims to be an equal opportunity employer and understands various socio-economic systems that contribute to the social exclusion of marginalized groups and individuals. It is our constant endeavour to address this in both our content and our hiring practices.

If you would like to know more about career opportunities at Project Nile, write to us at careers@projectnile.in

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