Crowdfunding: The Story of People

If we can acknowledge that our fate is connected with the fate of others and that of the collective world, then we must ask ourselves how we can improve the world within our capacity. How do we progress while ensuring the socio-economic wellbeing of others? One of the answers is through Crowdfunding.

‘Crowdfunding: The Story of People’ uses a data-driven storytelling approach to capture the impact and potential of crowdfunding in a world governed by inequality. It does so while maintaining a constant grip on both the micro and macro perspectives of collective giving, social collaboration, and financial inclusion.

As people, we see life from a shared prism, but how we interpret it often varies. All of us have a unique way of deriving meaning from the stories around us. We all share an inherent tendency to look at something small and connect it with larger patterns. It is how we make sense of our world: through connections, patterns, and shared interpretations. By stitching together stories and data from around the world, the authors have successfully mapped the crowdfunding universe in a lucid and riveting manner.

The authors flip through the pages of history to shed light on people’s collective efforts and diverse fundraising techniques that have evolved into modern-day crowdfunding. They explore the current industry trends of crowdfunding, the challenges it faces, and piece together the potential solutions to those problems.

Vivid and heartfelt, ‘Crowdfunding: The Story Of People’ is an extraordinary achievement. It’s a path-breaking book that envisions the crowd as future change-makers who can positively impact the world through their collective efforts. The book is about finding strength in numbers, the belief that change is driven by the collective determination of people.

What Our Readers Are Saying

Varun Sheth

Varun Sheth

Co-founder, Ketto

The authors have done extensive research on crowdfunding — its past, present, and future trajectories... The numbers presented are accompanied by the stories of people whom they represent. The book gives life to the numbers and narrates the extraordinary journey of crowdfunding globally.

Anoj Viswanathan

Anoj Viswanathan

Co-founder, Milaap

“The authors have constructively captured the evolution, growth, and future of crowdfunding in India and the rest of the world. A much-needed initiative and a worthy read.”

Ranganath Thota

Ranganath Thota

Founder, Fuel A Dream

“A brilliant must-read. This book is fast-paced and weaves you through economics, consumer behavior, finance, technology, and global trends to beautifully explain how crowdfunding is making the world a much better place.”